Organize Your Kitchen The Easy Way For Menu And Meal Planning!



” How To Organize Your Kitchen The Easy Way For
                   Menu And Meal Planning!”

 by  Marlene Owens


If you do not know how to organize your kitchen the easy way 
for Menu and Meal Planning, here are some tips and timesavers for you.


Working all day and coming home to prepare dinner can be quite
an overwhelming challenge for the average or experienced cook.


So I decided to make some sort of plan or road map for myself
to get the job done when I came home tired.


When I was off on the weekends I would sometimes cook all
my meats for the entire week, thereby saving me;

 (1) precious time and

(2) energy in the kitchen.


Cooking my meats in advance would cut down on my time spent in
the kitchen. Then all I would have to do to prepare the meat, would
be just to reheat it, make a gravy or sauce and I was finished.


For the rest of the meal, I would add;
(1)  a vegetable,
(2)  some rice,
(3)  potatoes, or
(4)  pasta and finish it off with a salad or soup.


My friends used to say to me, “Do you cook every-day?” and my
answer would be, ” Not really! ” but I do feed my family
home-cooked meals every-day.


Cooking your meats in advance is really not that difficult once you are
organized and have your little system in place.


By cooking the meat ahead of time, I can put the dinner together in
a hour and not be rushed or tired.


I was fortunate as a child not to have any serious illness and I
attributed that mainly to me eating home-cooked foods on a daily basis.


So of course, when I had my family I wanted only the best for them too.


My children who are now adults, suffered only colds, as children and
no serious illness. Today they remain healthy and strong.


I am a firm believer in good nutrition for the body and soul.

As the old saying states, “you are what you eat.” So take care of
yourself and your family by eating wholesome home-cooked foods every day.


Another thing that I did to save me time and energy in the kitchen,
was to write my menu out for the following week. I had a small
bulletin board in the kitchen and I would display my weekly supper menu there.


This Weekly Menu also assisted me with my grocery shopping.


After I wrote down what I planned on eating that week. I would go
with my little notepad and check to see what I had on hand in the
cabinets and the refrigerator in my kitchen and then write down
what I needed to purchase from the store.


I also added a writing pad to the board to assist me for what
I needed to purchased from the store when I ran out of groceries.


For example:

When I used the last eggs, butter, oil or etc. I would write it down.

 This Weekly Menu helped me in so many ways.
For one thing, it saved me from coming home everyday and deciding
what will I cook?

 It can be very frustrating after a hard day at work and try
to decide what to feed your family.


I went through what you are going through now and I understand
your pain and my  menu planning solved the problem.


This Menu Plan also helped save me:

(1) Time spent in the kitchen;

      I had the daily menu and my meat cooked.

(2) It saved me energy;

       I didn’t have to rack my brain for what to cook tonight.

(3) And it saved me money;

       because I would check to see what I had on hand and not
       be buying duplicates of what I already had.


If you are a working Mom, Dad, Grandparent or a
                         Domestic Engineer

use my advanced Menu And Meal Planning to help,

” “How To Organize Your Kitchen The Easy Way For Menu And Meal Planning!


by   Marlene Owens




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