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Many people ask me, What is Soul Food? My answer is simple.

Soul Food are foods prepared by Blacks and African Americans people.

We eat the same food that most Americans eat, except we prepare the
foods a little different with spices and creative cooking tips and techniques.

I sometimes call “Soul Food, Real Comfort Food! “

The main purpose and objectives of ” Marlene’s Soul Food Foods Video Membership ” are:

    • To encourage you to cook your Soul Foods at home.
    • To assist you in cooking foods for you and your family.
    • To help you save money by preparing your foods at home.
    • To become the cook that you always desired to be.


Marlene Owens, of ” Marlene’s Soul Food Foods Membership “ with over four decades of cooking experiences
shares with you her secrets, tips and timesavers on ” How To Cook Delicious Soul Foods At Home “ through Food Recipes,
Cooking Articles, Images and Videos.

Wife, mother and grandmother who enjoys writing, creating, cooking and sharing her cooking methods
with people who want to learn how to cook delicious and healthy ” Soul foods Recipes ” at home.


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